More than half of dads say they get criticized for parenting style: study


Dear old dad will be honored this weekend, but a new survey found more than half of fathers think they are judged harshly as parents.

According to the study, done by the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, 52% of fathers said they have been criticized about their parenting style or choices.

The most common source of criticism is the child’s other parent (44%), followed by their child’s grandparents (24%) and the father’s own friends (9%).

The study said dads also reported receiving criticism about their parenting from strangers in public places or online (10%), and from professionals who interact with their child, such as teachers or health care providers (5%).

Among the fathers who reported being criticized:

  • Two thirds (67%) have received criticism about how they discipline their child

  • 43% say they have been criticized about what they feed their child

  • One third of fathers (32%) have received criticism for being too rough with their child

  • And an equal number (32%) have been criticized for not paying attention to their child

  • Other topics of criticism are related to fathers’ parenting decisions about their child’s sleep (24%), appearance (23%), and safety (19%).

However, nine in 10 dads who were surveyed (90%) felt that most fathers do a good job taking care of their kids.

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